Why Are They Happening?

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In Parkland, Florida, a deranged 19 year old went to the school that had earlier expelled him and killed 17 people — most of them teenagers.

In Newtown, Connecticut, a 20 year old shot and killed his mother at their home. He then went to the nearby school and shot and killed 26 others. Twenty of these “others” were children 6-7 years old.

Millions of us wept for these defenseless children and for the pain caused to their loved ones. Many of us felt vulnerable regarding our own children.

There have been far too many of these tragic shootings. One is too many.

Politicians, community leaders, law enforcement, teachers, parents all want to know:

What is causing these senseless acts?

Is it the guns? Is it the violent video games? Are the creators of TV shows and movies entering too much violence into our world? Are we not paying enough attention to the “mentally ill”? Is the changing school environment a contributing factor? Is bullying the problem? Lack of self-esteem? Are the parents to blame?

Certainly each of these can play a role, but they are not the cause of these shootings.

These three videos go right to THE REASON these shootings are happening. It’s a bit tough to watch in spots, but hang in there. When you know the exact cause of a problem, you can provide the right solution.

How Did This Get Started?

One easy way to get kids (and adults) on drugs is to come up with a “disease” that now needs to be treated.


Attention Deficit Disorder.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Millions have these diseases, so of course they must be a disease. Well, millions have been “diagnosed” as having the disease, but what is the diagnosis based on?

Let’s find out what the psychiatric profession says

Mis-Labeling People, Especially Our Children

In the previous post, we found out psychiatrists actually get together in a room and vote on new disorders, which then become diseases.

Not actual diseases.

Not verifiable diseases.

There isn’t a shred of physical evidence for these diseases.

That’s not necessarily a problem as the psychiatric profession has a close connection with pharmaceutical companies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising these diseases and that THEY MUST BE TREATED WITH DRUGS.

A Coincidence?

Psychiatric drugs have compelled some to take their life. They have compelled others to take the lives of others. They have compelled MANY people to be violent and destructive.

What do I mean by “compelled”? Well, in MANY instances, the violent, suicidal or homicidal behavior was NOT present before the drugs were taken.

Guns have been around for a long time. A very long time.

Mass shootings of innocent people started in the last 40 or so years.

The proliferation of these dangerous drugs also started in the last 40 or so years.


According to a Journal of the American Medical Association, one in six Americans take antidepressants.

One in six. I’ll let you do the math, but that’s tens of millions of Americans.

Are you familiar with the term “black box warning”? Here’s the definition the Walgreens Pharmacy provides:

“A black box warning is the strictest warning put in the labeling of prescription drugs or drug products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when there is reasonable evidence of an association of a serious hazard with the drug. It is basically a warning with a black box around it, hence the name. Having the black box around the warning means that an adverse reaction to the drug may lead to death or serious injury.”

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) adopted a “black box” label warning indicating that antidepressants may increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in some children and adolescents.

The warning also notes that children and adolescents taking antidepressant medications should be closely monitored for any worsening in depression, emergence of suicidal thinking or behavior, or unusual changes in behavior, such as sleeplessness, agitation, or withdrawal from normal social situations. For unknown reasons, they may trigger agitation and abnormal behavior in certain individuals.

Some of the warnings include mania, hostility, violence and even homicidal ideation. The word “ideation” simply means the forming of ideas or concepts, so homicidal ideation would be the forming of ideas regarding homicide.

We are warned that one in six Americans are on drugs that can produce violent, hostile, even homicidal behavior…and the vast majority of the mass shootings were carried out by people who were on or trying to withdraw from these drugs.

This is NOT rocket science. This connection needs to be investigated, understood and properly dealt with.

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