The Problem

We are told these shootings are very complicated. That we need to change many things to stop them from reoccurring.

shutterstock_121528888Some feel guns are the problem. Get rid of the guns and these shootings will stop. Or at least get rid of certain types of guns. Make it more difficult for people to purchase a gun.

Others say “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Amongst those are strong voices recommending we arm a few teachers and the principal. They believe this would be a strong deterrent. It’s being suggested we place an armed police officer in every school.

The subject of violent video games and the level of violence seen on TV and in movies is being discussed. Part of this discussion includes proposals to legislate this area to protect our kids.

There are those who feel the school environment is becoming more and more conducive to these shootings.

Then we have folks who believe more attention should be paid to the “mentally ill.” Even go so far as pass laws making it easier to forcibly commit people.

And we hear strong criticism of the parents. Is the lessening number of hours parents are spending with their children a factor? Are parents ignoring signs of exceptional distress in their child? Many kids are growing at a blazing fast pace these days—are parents not equipped to deal with this?

The above issues do need to be discussed. And they need to be discussed in close observance of our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

But there is a problem.

A very big problem.

We could address all of the above and the problem would still not be solved.


Because the KEY REASON for these shootings would not have been addressed.

This video was on the front page of this blog, but it’s worth watching again.

In the last 20-30 years, the use of psychotropic drugs has skyrocketed. The vast number of those involved in the shootings were either on these drugs or trying to get off of them.

We now know that a great deal of the research on these drugs was blatantly falsified. This is the very research that allowed the drug company to get them approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Hard to believe?

shutterstock_116011528Do you recall the various court cases where pharmaceutical companies were ordered to pay millions, even billions of dollars in settlements because of serious problems with their drugs?

So far, over NINE BILLION dollars in criminal and civil fines have been enforced. Do you know why the settlement amounts were so high? Because people in these drug companies knew AHEAD OF TIME there were serious problems with their drugs, and they withheld that information. Because they deliberately marketed them to the wrong people.

Very large settlements occur when “punitive” damages are added to the amount that must be paid out. Punitive means “intended to punish someone.”

The drug companies were being punished.

More than once.

The key point to know about these psychotropic drugs is this:

They do cause people to murder other people.

They do cause people to take their own lives.

And a vast number of the shooters were on them.

Let’s move on to the solution.