The Solution

There are actually a number of solutions. Some of them will only take a few minutes of your time. Do whatever you feel you can do.

Contact Your Congressman and Senators

Capital BuildingI’ve heard people say, “Why should I waste my time calling or writing my Congressman, I’m just one person. And those guys don’t listen to us anyway!”

Well, the truth is they do listen. Remember, they do want to get re-elected. So, if enough people communicate to them on an issue, especially when it’s passionate, that does get their attention.

There are three key people here: the Congressman or woman who represents the district where you reside and the two Senators for your state.

Clikc here for info on contacting your two senators.

Click here for your Congressman/woman.

Tell them you want Congress to investigate the connection between the psychotropic drugs and the many school shootings that have occurred. Let them know that you’ve been doing some of your own research and you’re astonished that these investigations have not already taken place.

Let them know you want a comprehensive investigation done. They may have had cursory looks at this subject, but you can be very sure there are two lobbies that do NOT want a thorough investigation into this:

The lobby for The American Psychiatric Association

The lobby for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

These are two very powerful lobbies with a lot of money to spend. It’s their job to get Congress to pass favorable laws for their clients: psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies.

But if these drugs are factually causing people to carry out these shootings, then EVERY AMERICAN has the right to know this. And Congress must take steps to protect our kids.

Get the Word Out In Your Local Area

shutterstock_1156480721-1Go to school board meetings. Make it clear that you understand there are other factors to consider in relation to school shootings, but you want them to look into the role that psychotropic drugs play.

Let them know that many psychiatrists, medical doctors and other prominent individuals and groups have provided compelling evidence. Bring hard copies of the research you’ve found here and at other sites and pass it out to them.

Many of the people you contact will be VERY receptive to you. They will look at any data they can to help protect our children. You may run into a few who reject the idea that a drug could do such a thing. Remind these individuals that the Department of Justice has enforced over NINE BILLION DOLLARS in criminal and civil fines against the pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Ely Lilly, and Johnson & Johnson. Click here for details.

If you’re uncomfortable speaking at a school board meeting, write each member a personal letter and include some of your research. Mention the web sites they should visit to get more data.

Go see your local law enforcement. They have meetings interacting with their community. Same thing here: if you’re not up to direct conversation, write them. Email them. Most of them WILL read what you send them. Some of them will be astonished and will dig deeper on their own.

Check in with your local fire department, especially the paramedics who witness the side-effects of these drugs, perhaps often without realizing it.

There are many people in your local area who will be VERY thankful that you pointed them in this direction. Your church pastor or rabbi. The YMCA. A local tutoring organization. The library has notice boards and they usually hold events where folks can bring up subjects of interest to the community. The Chamber of Commerce.

People want to know why these shootings are happening. They’ve heard a lot about the other factors—let them know about this key factor. Many will wonder why this is just now becoming known. Pat yourself on the back!


Learn as much as you can about this. Don’t accept any information at face value. Yes, even the information at this site.

There are strong vested interests who do NOT want you to look into this and who certainly do not want you to get the word out. Keep in mind THE MAJOR concern: we want our kids to be safe. We want them to be safe from these senseless killings, and we want them to be safe from a concerted campaign to mis-label them and then treat them with powerful drugs that have very harmful side effects.

Especially when there are alternatives. Let’s look at those.