Why Are They Happening?

Thank you for coming. We recommend you read through this first page, watch each of the videos, and then follow the links above from left to right.

In Parkland, Florida, a deranged 19 year old went to the school that had earlier expelled him and killed 17 people — most of them teenagers.

In Newtown, Connecticut, a 20 year old shot and killed his mother at their home. He then went to the nearby school and shot and killed 26 others. Twenty of these “others” were children 6-7 years old.

Millions of us wept for these defenseless children and for the pain caused to their loved ones. Many of us felt vulnerable regarding our own children.

There have been far too many of these tragic shootings. One is too many.

Politicians, community leaders, law enforcement, teachers, parents all want to know:

What is causing these senseless acts?

Is it the guns? Is it the violent video games? Are the creators of TV shows and movies entering too much violence into our world? Are we not paying enough attention to the “mentally ill”? Is the changing school environment a contributing factor? Is bullying the problem? Lack of self-esteem? Are the parents to blame?

Certainly each of these can play a role, but they are not the cause of these shootings.

These three videos go right to THE REASON these shootings are happening. It’s a bit tough to watch in spots, but hang in there. When you know the exact cause of a problem, you can provide the right solution.

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