How Did This Get Started?

One easy way to get kids (and adults) on drugs is to come up with a “disease” that now needs to be treated. ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder. ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Millions have these diseases, so of course they must be a disease. Well, millions have been “diagnosed” as having the disease, but what […] Read more »

Mis-Labeling People, Especially Our Children

In the previous post, we found out psychiatrists actually get together in a room and vote on new disorders, which then become diseases. Not actual diseases. Not verifiable diseases. There isn’t a shred of physical evidence for these diseases. That’s not necessarily a problem as the psychiatric profession has a close connection with pharmaceutical companies […] Read more »

Why Are They Happening?

Thank you for coming. We recommend you read through this first page, watch each of the videos, and then follow the links above from left to right. In Parkland, Florida, a deranged 19 year old went to the school that had earlier expelled him and killed 17 people — most of them teenagers. In Newtown, […] Read more »

A Coincidence?

Psychiatric drugs have compelled some to take their life. They have compelled others to take the lives of others. They have compelled MANY people to be violent and destructive. What do I mean by “compelled”? Well, in MANY instances, the violent, suicidal or homicidal behavior was NOT present before the drugs were taken. Guns have […] Read more »